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Dimanche, 25 Mai 2014


FILA thanks the wrestlers, leaders and fans of wrestling for their passion in saving our sport in the Olympics. We are a Wrestling Family.


Classement Greco-Romaine

55kg World University Games champion Ivan TATARINOV (RUS) takes over the top spot from European champion Elbek TAZHYIEV (BLR), who lost to 2010 Asian Games champion Kohei HASEGAWA (JPN) at the Wladyslaw Pytlasinski Memorial in Warsaw.

London 2012 Olympian Aleksander KOSTADINOV (BUL) breaks into the rankings at No. 8 as Pytlasinski runner-up, followed by third-place Dawid ERSETIC (POL) at No.9.  Both wrestlers defeated Olympic bronze medalist Peter MODOS (HUN) on their way to the medals podium.

1. Ivan TATARINOV RUS Universiade No.1 (No.2)
2. Elbek TAZHYIEU BLR Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (No.1)
3. Victor CIOBANU MDA Universiade No.2 (3)
4. Peter MODOS HUN Grand Prix of Germany No.2 (6)
5. Fatih UCUNCU TUR Mediterranean Games No.1 (7)
6. Shota TANOKURA JPN Universiade No.3 (8)
7. Rovshan BAYRAMOV AZE GP of Spain No.1 (10)
8. Aleksander KOSTADINOV BUL Pytlasinski Memorial No.2 (not ranked)
9. Dawid ERSETIC POL Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (nr)
10. Roman AMOYAN ARM Azovmash Cup No.1 (4)
11. Elchin ALIYEV AZE Grand Prix of Spain No.2 (5)
12. Shirzad BEHESHTI TALA IRI Yadegar Imam Cup No.1 (12)
13. Zhanserik SARSENBAEV KAZ Azovmash Cup No.3 (13)
14. Lukas HOEGLMEIER GER German GP No.3
15. Spenser MANGO USA Pytlasinski Memorial No.9 (15)


60kg – German Grand Prix winner Edward BARSEGJAN (POL) defeated European bronze medalist Fatih UCUNCU (TUR) in an early bout and went on to win his second event in a month, making the leap to No.6 in the rankings.

Michal TRACZ (POL) made it an all-Poland Pytlasinski final by stopping Olympic bronze medalist Mingiyan SEMENOV (RUS) in the round of 16 and winning by criteria over Azerbaijan world team member Taleh MAMMADOV (AZE) in the semifinals opposite BARSEGJAN.

1. Ivan KUYLAKOV RUS Universiade No.1 (1)
2. Kamran MAMMADOV AZE Universiade No.2 (2)
3. Elmurat TASMURADOV UZB Asia No.1 (3)
4. Kristijan FRIS SRB Mediterranean Games No.3 (4)
5. Mevlut ARIK TUR Mediterranean Games No.1 (5)
6. Edward BARSEGJAN POL Pytlasinski Memorial No.1 (15)
7. Almat KEBISPAYEV KAZ Universiade No.3 (7)
8. Virgil MUNTEANU ROU Ion Corneanu No.1 (8)
9. Dmitri TSYMBALIYUK UKR German GP No.2 (9)
10. Lenur TEMIROV UKR Ion Corneanu No.2 (10)
11. Ivo ANGELOV BUL Europe No.1 (6)
12. Istvan KOZAK HUN Hungarian GGP No.1 (12)
13. Mohammad NOURBAKHSH IRI Yadegar Imam Cup No.1 (14)
14. Michal TRACZ POL Pytlasinski Memorial No.2 (nr)
15. Taleh MAMMADOV AZE Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (nr)


66kg London 2012 silver medalist Tamas LORINCZ (HUN) won his fourth tournament title of the year, including the European championships crown, to tighten his grip on the No.1 ranking heading into the world championships.

Frank STAEBLER (GER), who finished in fifth place in London, was the only wrestler to go the distance with LORINCZ, dropping a 3-0 decision in the final for second place and No.4 in the rankings.

1. Tamas LORINCZ HUN Europe No.1 (1)
2. Adam KURAK RUS Europe No.2 (2)
3. Rasul CHUNAYEV AZE Universiade No.1 (5)
4. Frank STAEBLER GER Pytlasinski Memorial No.2 (9)
5. Atakan YUKSEL TUR Mediterranean Games No.1 (3)
6. Hasan ALIYEV AZE GP of Spain No.1 (4)
7. Islambek ALBIEV RUS Universiade No.2 (7)
8. Aleksandar MAKSIMOVIC SRB Mediterranean Games No.2 (6)
9. Sachino DAVITAIA GEO Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (nr)
10. KIM Ji-Hun KOR Asia No.1 (8)
11. Yerbol KONYRATOV KAZ Asia No.3 (12)
12. Dominik ETLINGER CRO Mediterranean Games No.3 (10)
13. Artak MARGARYAN FRA Mediterranean Games No.3 (11)
14. Danijel JANECIC CRO German GP No.2 (nr)
15. Edgaras VENCKAITIS LTU Jacob Curby No.2 (nr)


74kg European bronze medalist and 2007 world champion Yavor YANAKIEV (BUL) notched three wins before falling to Russian nationals runner-up Aleksander CHEKHIRKIN (RUS) in the Pytlasinski semifinals. YANAKIEV finished in fifth place, while CHEKHIRKIN took the title to earn his first listing in the rankings.

Grand Prix of Spain winner Robert ROSENGREN (SWE) held on for a 5-1 semifinal win over Haparanda titlist Andrew BISEK (USA) and moved up to No.7 in the rankings with a second-place finish.

1. Roman VLASOV RUS Universiade No.1 (1)
2. Arsen JULFALAKYAN ARM Universiade No.3 (2)
3. KIM Hyeon-Woo KOR Asia No.1 (3)
4. Emrah KUS TUR Mediterranean Games No.1 (4)
5. Hadi ALIZEDAH POURNIA IRI Universiade No.2 (6)
6. Yavor YANAKIEV BUL Europe No.3 (8)
7. Robert ROSENGREN SWE Pytlasinski No.2 (13)
8. Seref TUFENK TUR Vehbi Emre No.1 (5)
9. Neven ZUGAJ CRO Mediterranean Games No.2 (7)
10. Mark MADSEN DEN Hungarian GGP No.1 (9)
11. Steeve GUENOT FRA Mediterranean Games No.3 (10)
12. Piotr PRZEPIORKA POL Azovmash Cup No.2 (14)
13. Aleksander CHEKHIRKIN RUS Pytlasinski Memorial No.1 (nr)
14. Valery PALENSKI BLR German GP No.1 (nr)
15. Ilian GEORIGIEV BUL Ion Corneanu No.1 (11)


84kg German Grand Prix winner Viktor LORINCZ (HUN) defeated two-time world champion Selcuk CEBI (TUR), 2-0, and London 2012 bronze medalist Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL), 3-0, on his way to winning the Pytlasinski Memorial and making the leap to No.3 in the rankings.

Universiade bronze medal winner Javid HAMZATOV (BLR) edged 2010 world champion Hristo MARINOV (BUL), 3-0, in the quarterfinals of the Pytlasinski Memorial, settling for fifth place after losing, 0-2, to JANIKOWSKI in the semifinals.

1. Selcuk CEBI TUR Mediterranean Games No.1 (1)
2. Alexej MISHIN RUS Europe No.1 (2)
3. Viktor LORINCZ HUN Pytlasinski Memorial No.1 (7)
4. Damian JANIKOWSKI POL Pytlasinski Memorial No.2 (5)
5. Alan KHUGAEV RUS Universiade No.1 (5)
6. Revazi NADAREISHVILI GEO Hungarian GGP No.2 (3)
7. Aleksandr KAZAKEVICH LTU Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (9)
8. Peter BACSI HUN Hungarian GGP No.1 (nr)
9. Vladimir GEGESHIDZE GEO Europe No.2 (5)
10. Javid HAMZATOV BLR Universiade No.3 (nr)
11. Rustam ASSAKALOV UZB Asia No.1 (8)
12. Hassan Saman TAHMASEBI AZE GP of Spain No.1 (12)
13. PARK Jin-Sung KOR Asia No.2 (13)
14. Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR IRI Asia No.3 (14)
15. Artur SHAHINYAN ARM Europe No.3 (10)


96kg Former world champion Balasz KISS (HUN) battled his way into the finals of the Pytlasinski Memorial and edged European silver medalist Vladislav METODIEV (BUL), 2-1, to grab No.7 in the rankings.

Mediterranean Games bronze medalist Daigoro TIMONCINI (ITA) rebounded from a quarterfinal loss to KISS and defeated Haparanda Cup winner Maksim SAFARYAN (RUS), 3-0, for third place and his first listing on the FILA rankings at No.13.

1. Nikita MELNIKOV RUS Universiade No.1 (1)
2. Artur ALEKSANYAN ARM Universiade No.2 (2)
3. Cenk ILDEM TUR Europe No.3 (3)
4. Dimitri TIMCHENKO UKR German GP No.1 (4)
5. Mikhail KAJAIA GEO Hungarian GGP No.1 (5)
6. Marthin NIELSEN NOR Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (7)
7.  Balasz KISS
HUN Pytlasinski Memorial No.1 (14)
8. Mahdi ALIYARI FEYZABADI IRI Universiade No.3 (8)
9. Fredrik SCHOEN SWE GP of Spain No.2 (9)
10. Villius LAURINAITIS LTU Jacob Curby No.1 (6)
11. Vladislav METODIEV BUL Pytlasinski Memorial No.2 (11)
12. Rustam TOTROV RUS Adriatic Trophy No.1 (13)
13. Daigoro TIMONCINI ITA Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (nr)
14. Timo KALLIO FIN German GP No.3 (15)
15. Melonin NOUMONVI FRA Mediterranean Games No.1 (12)


120kg Miloslav METODIEV (BUL) tagged junior world champion Lam BALINT (HUN) with a technical fall in the quarterfinals on his way to the championship bout at the Pytlasinski Memorial.  It was only second time in his international career that METODIEV has reached the medals podium, but it lifts him to No.11 in the rankings.

Mihaly DEAK BARDOS (HUN), 38, led off with a win against London 2012 silver medalist Heiki NABI (EST) in the preliminaries and reclaimed a place in the rankings with his third podium finish of the year.

1. Riza KAYAALP TUR Universiade No.1 (1)
2. Johan Magnus EUREN SWE Pytlasinski Memorial No.1 (2)
3. Nurmakhan TINALIYEV KAZ Universiade No.3 (3)
4. Amir ALIAKBARI IRI Universiade No.2 (4)
5. Balint LAM HUN Universiade No.3 (5)
6. Aleksander CHERNETSKI UKR German GP No.3 (7)
7. Evgeni ORLOV UKR Europe No.2 (6)
8. Guram PHERSELIDZE GEO Europe No.3 (8)
9. Eduardo POPP GER Ion Corneanu No.2 (9)
10. Mindaugas MIZGAITIS LTU German GP No.3 (10)
11. Miloslav METODIEV BUL Pytlasinski Memorial No.2 (nr)
12. Iosif CHUGOSHVILI BLR Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (nr)
13. Mihaly DEAK BARDOS HUN Pytlasinski Memorial No.3 (nr)
14. NIE Xiaoming CHN Asia No.2 (11)
15. Alikhan AYUBOV RUS Ivan Poddubny No.3 (12)

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