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Dimanche, 25 Mai 2014


FILA thanks the wrestlers, leaders and fans of wrestling for their passion in saving our sport in the Olympics. We are a Wrestling Family.


How to use FILA wrestling TV on

Keywords library, Easy navigation, Play frame by frame and Tagging of actions

View and analyze

Innovative keyword-based navigation: keywords are used to describe video clips and event markers within them allowing users to filter.

You are being able to search videos and then further search for a particular highlight in all those videos. That is what enables.

Navigation menus are heading used to guide viewers to content by selecting useful keywords from which to start a search. The results of that filter can be further filtered, and at each level the overall number of keywords is also reduced to remain relevant only to the selection.

Play and analyze
FILA wrestling TV is a video platform with unique navigation, able to search for videos and highlights within it. A link to can take you to a set of videos, a single movie, and a section within a movie or even to a single frame. This power offering to wrestling community the ability to review only the point scored in the many hours of match video. The benefit for our audience is the ability to key teaching points within video, already annotated with notes and drawings to aid understanding. That is what can be achieved with our FILA wrestling TV on
A video engine for website of national federations
FILA wrestling TV embed code possibilities: every video document has embed code which can be copied into national federations web pages. This code can be adjusted to include/exclude the different features and functionalities of FILA wrestling TV.
Links and social medias: attract a new audience by publishing our content on social networks.The platform lets us share specific links to a selected position or marker, so you can direct our audience to the exact moment of interest in a video.